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16 December 2015

Contoh Interview Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Dijaman sekarang ini interview kerja sangat memungkinkan menggunakan bahasa inggris apa lagi lowongan kerja di bidang hospitality seperti Hotel, Cafe, Bar dan masih banyak lagi. Kami akan memberikan contoh wawancara kerja menggunakan bahasa Inggris beserta cara menjawab dan artinya.

Berikut cuplikan sebuah percakapan interview dalam bahasa inggris untuk sebuah lowongan kerja di hotel. Percakapan interview dalam bahasa Inggris Leony’s Job Interview:

Leony : Excuse me, Sir. May I come in?
Alfon : Yes. Please, come in and have a seat.
Leony : Thank you, Sir.
Alfon : So, your name is Sinta, right?
Leony : Yes, that is right, Sir.
Alfon : Very well, my name is Alfon. I am the head of the human resource department of this hotel company.
Leony : Nice to meet you, Sir.
Alfon : How are you this morning, Sinta?
Leony : I’m perfectly fine, Sir. Thank you, and how about you?
Alfon : I’m fine too. Thank you. Did you get caught under the rain on your way coming here, Sinta? It rained this morning.
Leony : it was just a cloudy day in my place, Sir. It didn’t rain when I left my house to come here. So, the rain must have stopped before I arrived here.
Alfon : I see, I’m happy for you.
Leony : Thank you, Sir.
Alfon : So, do you know what we are going to do, Sinta?
Leony : Yes, Sir. I was emailed and called by phone in order to have a job interview session from this company three days ago. So, now here I’m going to be having an interview job session with you.
Alfon : Very well. Can you tell me about your self, Sinta?
Leony : My name is Sinta Rahmawati. I’m 23 years old. I graduated from one of State Universities in Bandung. I took hotel-management as my major. I love travelling and singing. Travelling and singing both improve my health mentally and physically.
Alfon : You applied to be our Junior Hotel Manager. Do you have any experience of this job?
Leony : No, Sir. I am a fresh graduate. This is my first time to apply a full time job.
Alfon : What makes you decide to apply for Junior Hotel Manager position?
Leony : I think Junior Hotel Manager is an appropriate job position for me. I find it attractive and interesting as well. Due to the hotel-management major I took, I’m sure that my skills and talents will be conducive to this company’s success. I can also see a bright future of my career by joining this company.
Alfon : Very well. So, what is your strength and weakness point?
Leony : My strength is my cheerfulness, my carefulness, my strong will to learn new things, and my skill to work under pressures and as a team. My weakness is my phobia of dark.
Alfon : Well, it was a great time to have a little talk with you, Sinta. We will announce the result of your interview in a week. Thank you for coming here.
Leony : Yes. Thank you, Sir.

Glossaries percakapan interview dalam bahasa inggris.

Please, have a seat = silahkan duduk
Head of human resource department = kepala departemen sumber daya manusia
Get caught under the rain = Kehujanan/Terkena hujan
I was emailed : Saya dikirim pesan email
Job interview session = Sesi wawancara kerja
State Universities = Universitas Negeri
hotel-management = manajemen hotel
Major = jurusan (pendidikan)
Mentally and physically = Secara mental dan secara fisik
Junior Hotel Manager = Manajer Hotel Junior
fresh graduate = orang yang baru lulus dari perguruan tinggi
full time job = pekerjaan penuh waktu
appropriate = Sesuai/cocok
attractive atau interesting = menarik
Due to = karena
(be) conducive to = berguna bagi
strength and weakness = kekuatan dan kelemahan
cheerfulness = Keriangan atau kegembiraan
carefulness = kehati-hatian atau ketelitian
strong will = tekad yang kuat

Semoga bermanfat artikel tentang Contoh Interview Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris ini.
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